Quality Control

Quality Control is a science.

It begins in the remote suburbs where your supplier is located and continues through bumpy roads to your factory, in your offices, where every department, every workstation is involved.

Lean production? Six Sigma? That's all nice, but try explaining to a Chinese supplier!

We believe in solid pre-shipment checks and random inspections during production, all based on crystal clear specifications.

We can help you devise the specs and the test to be made ad every step of production.

We offer reports, statistics, pictures, all you need to ensure smooth delivery.

QC in your pocket

We provide an Android application to help with Quality Control Inspections.

This software can run on every Android phone or tablet.

This APP is developed in-house, can link to your ERP system, and can be customized in every way to fit your needs.

  • Download order data from ERP system
  • Scan barcode or QR code of product at supplier premises
  • Mark problems
  • Take pictures
  • Download inspection results to server
  • Automatically produce and send reports