The Chinese Company Law (article 52) states that the supervisor is mandatory for every company incorporated after 2005.

References (English-Chinese): article 1, article 2.

Most of foreign companies regard the supervisor as another costly obligation, but we think the supervisor service is a really useful tool.

The supervisor can be a powerful ally to the local and foreign management; he/she can be entrusted with every kind of task and not only the limited role mandated by law.

Reports, research, projects, assessments, S.O.P.s, everything can be delegated to the supervisor.

We offer a solid experience of managing foreign companies in China, we understand the needs and the particular class of problems of this kind of situation.

Quality Control


We all work for money, this goes without saying.

In Europe and America there are many ways to compensate employees, usually known as "Non-Monetary Compensation".

This is usually not the case in China, where mentioning the above practice raises eyebrows.

The China labor market is driven by money and money only, so extreme care is to be given to the compensation package you give to your employees.

Usually this involves establishing production bonuses for production, and KPIs for the office people.

Yeah, good idea, but who writes all the stuff? And how to collect all the data, how to process and link all this to the wages system?

Worry no more! This is one of our specialities, check out our "Production site wages" case study for more info.


For a startup or a small firm, keeping an accountancy department may be overkill.

We are available to take care of this for you.

At the same time, we can offer tax and legal advice for your business.

Outsourcing is the way!